Public Housing Repositioning Case Studies

Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA), Austin, Texas

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) received a RAD Portfolio Award in March of 2015 covering its entire public housing portfolio: 1,928 units across 13 AMPS and 18 properties, including 22 scattered site homes. To date, HACA has successfully closed 9 RAD transactions (six 4% Bond Deals and three Debt-Only) and have CHAPs and transactions pending for the remaining 9 Public Housing Properties.

Recap played a major role in the initial strategic review of HACA’s public housing portfolio to determine whether converting to Project-Based Section 8 assistance (“PBRA”) under RAD was feasible given the time constraints of a Portfolio Award. In order to come up with a plan of action, Recap participated in a series of in-house meetings at HACA that included the PHA’s Executive Team, their legal team of Cotes Rose, and their LIHTC Consultant Audrey Martin. Recap reviewed the physical needs, the current financial performance, and operating needs of each property as well as the potential to increase density on certain sites and the possibility of transferring assistance to other properties.

The Housing Authority of the City of Bessemer, Bessemer, Alabama

Recap assisted the Bessemer Housing Authority (BHA) with the RAD conversion of two properties consisting of 198 units using 221(d) (4) FHA financing and housing authority reserves, which closed in March 2015. Throughout the implementation process, Recap prepared and managed the financial proformas and the transaction structure, working closely with BHA’s team. Recap ensured coordination between the RAD PCA, architectural designs, and general contractor pricing, participated in negotiations with the FHA lender, managed the RAD milestones, guided BHA through the RAD requirements, prepared HUD submissions for specific to the RAD milestones, and participated in regular team meetings.

New York City Housing Authority, Palmetto Gardens and Bushwick Gardens, New York City

The New York City Housing Authority (“NYCHA”) solicited proposals from Development Teams to assist with the preservation of over 15,000 units of public housing over the next ten years. Recap along with Pennrose Properties, LLC and Acacia Network (the “Team”) responded to and won an RFP to redevelop 1,315 units in Brooklyn, NY (“Bundle 3”) using a combination of Section 18 and RAD. The transaction will be a 4% LIHTC combined with new debt that will support $145,000 per unit of much needed rehab. The tenants will remain in place during construction because of the limited supply of housing in Brooklyn. Recap’s role in the transaction includes: Working with NYCHA and Acacia to conduct resident meetings, informing them of their continued resident rights; Working with the NYCHA legal team to untangle the regulatory barriers when combining Section 18 with RAD; Working with NYCHA and the Development Team to submit the RAD Financing Plans and Section 18 Disposition applications; Working with the Development Team to accurately underwrite the Transaction and secure HUD approvals to close.

Villages at Westview, San Buenaventura, California

In 2012, The Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura (Ventura) engaged Recap in preliminary conversations to discuss RAD and provide a framework for considering candidate properties. As a result, Ventura determined they would submit a request for a Portfolio Award covering a total of 520 units. To date, Recap has been the RAD consultant for Ventura on a 9% LIHTC elderly project that closed in 2014 and two 4% LIHTC/tax exempt bond deals that closed in 2015 and 2016. Recap is now assisting Ventura navigate the complexities of a three-phase new construction RAD conversion. Phase 1 will be completed in June, 2018. Highlights of this transaction include demolition of 180 public housing units located on a 20 acre site that will be replaced with 320newly constructed LEED Certified RAD, LIHTC, and homeownership units.