Upcoming Trainings

Asset Repositioning for PHAs

***This training has been temporarily postponed due to the Coronavirus. We will update the public at a later time. 

With the abundance of PHA Asset Repositioning information circulating within the industry, PHAs can become overwhelmed and confused about what to do next.

This training will give PHAs an overview of the repositioning options available to them, a summary of the conversion process, and some tools to help PHAs discern if repositioning is right for your agency. You can view the agenda here. PHA Asset Repositioning Training Itinerary


This training is free to PHAs. You can sign up here. 


RAD for PRAC Training

***This training has been temporarily postponed due to the Coronavirus. We will release the new training date in the upcoming weeks. 

Recap Advisors and The Gates Dunaway Group are collaborating to bring RAD for PRAC trainings to PRAC owners and industry leaders across the country.

This basic training will cover HUD’s new “RAD for PRAC” conversion program, which is part of Revision 4 to the RAD Notice. You will learn how the conversion works, and when it might be a good option for owners.

We now have 4 trainings under our belt. Each were each great successes and we are excited to bring it to other regions!

The training is now 1 day. The updated Itinerary will be available soon.


Our Texas RAD for PRAC Training will take place on April 21, 2020 in Austin, TX. SOLD OUT.

*Prices will increase by $100, per attendee, after April 7, 2020.

$350 for PRAC Owners or Managers: Sign up here. SOLD OUT.