Capital Planning

On-Site Insight, a subsidiary of Recap Advisors, is the recognized leader for high-quality capital needs assessment and energy audit services. Our rigorous approach to property system evaluation, useful life estimation, and reserve funding analysis has set the standard in the multifamily industry over the past twenty-five years. Our methodology is widely used and has been adopted by many lenders, funders, and regulators, including Fannie Mae and other federal and state agencies.

Our clients include leading owners, investors, managers, lenders, and regulators in every state in the country. During our history, we have performed more than 7,000 assessments across the United States on multifamily properties, condominiums, hotels, healthcare facilities, and school dormitories.

To ensure superior quality in our evaluations, each and every On-Site Insight inspector is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a Professional and Multifamily Building Analyst and has an average of ten years of multifamily capital planning experience. Our associates build on their technical expertise in areas like architecture, mechanical engineering, and construction management by engaging in an intensive, six-month training program to learn our proprietary Observable Systems Approach.

On-Site Insight is your best choice for comprehensive, precise capital needs assessments and energy audits performed by a trusted third-party specialist.

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Capital Needs Assessments

Understand your facility’s physical condition and future needs Keeping a facility maintained, upgraded, and functional requires continual work and continual investment, whether it’s a multifamily apartment building, a hospital, a school, or a recreational facity


Energy Audits

Make the most cost-effective energy and water retrofits Power and water costs are around 22 percent of building operation costs for commercial and multifamily structures, the second biggest line item after fixed costs.


Green Capital Needs Assessments

Plan and pay for green retrofits as part of an overall facility finance plan. Energy and water efficiency planning is becoming an integral part of overall facility capital planning.


REAC/UPCS Inspections

A good REAC score is not simply a matter of common sense or knowing local building standards, but of understanding how to play by REAC’s rules.


HUD CNA e-Tool & RAD Physical Condition Assessment

On February 1, 2018, HUD released the new CNA e-Tool which consolidates and standardizes various due diligence methods for assessing properties.